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Eczema is curable. If you are suffering from this skin disease and have been told otherwise, take heart. The internet is replete with many inspiring stories that recount journeys towards the cure of eczema. If you are one of those fortunate enough not to suffer from eczema, this skin disease is a form of dermatitis, characterized by the inflammation of the upper layers of the skin. Other symptoms include dryness of the skin, recurring rashes, and redness, flaking and blistering. At times, fluid may ooze out of the affected part. Sometimes, the affected part may also bleed.
For those who are still fighting the battle with eczema, have you used numerous steroidal creams and have taken countless antibiotics prescribed by your dermatologist, and yet have witnessed the return of your eczema and sometimes its spreading into other parts of your body? If you have, then you are still one of those many that have yet to discover the wondrous effects of organic products. Products that are organic in origin, as opposed to the synthetic ones, treat eczema without side effects. This is because organic products have purely natural ingredients that provide cure and do not have harsh components that harm the skin.
Argan oil is one of the organic products that show great promise in the cure of eczema. This oil comes from the nut of the argan tree, which is found mainly in Southwestern Morocco. For centuries, Moroccan women have applied this oil in their skin, hair and nails. The oil is also an integral part of the Moroccan diet.
The nut yielded by the tree is similar in size to a date and has almost the same size as an olive. In Essaouira, the region in Morocco where the argan oil is available, the Berber women gather the nuts and crack their shells with the use of sharp stones. The kernel is then ground to a paste. Extraction of the oil from the paste is mostly done by hand although recently, with the expansion of the argan oil industry, mechanical presses have been introduced to press the oil. Generally however, the production of the oil is a long and laborious process, which makes it one of the rarest oils in the world.
This rare oil, however, has extensive uses in the wellness industry, especially in skin care. It is perfect as an answer to eczema problems. As well known by sufferers of eczema, dryness of the skin exacerbates this condition. Argan oil consists of seven essential fatty acids, including Omega 9 and Omega 6, or oleic acid and linoleic acid, respectively. These fatty acids protect cell integrity, as well as help prevent moisture loss. Argan oil therefore hydrates the skin, a basic step in the treatment of eczema. The oil is also abundant with Vitamin E (more Vitamin E than olive oil), which is known to have anti-stress and anti-oxidant properties. Antioxidants combat the effects of free radicals – substances that accelerate aging and cause numerous diseases, including eczema. In general, Vitamin E is known to support healthy skin and provides the skin with a youthful glow. Furthermore, it has high polyphenol content, which adds to the oil’s anti-oxidant properties. The oil also nourishes the skin and improves skin elasticity. Therefore, it is not only effective in clearing eczema, acne, psoriasis and scars but also has the remarkable ability to diminish scars and wrinkles. Argan oil also has anti-inflammatory components making it a perfect ingredient for products intended to reduce swelling.

Argan oil is incorporated in products being supplied by Eco Trading Co., a leading supplier of argan oil products. Eco Trading Co., believes that “wellness” and organic products should be made available to more consumers. The company believes in organic treatment because Mother Earth has provided us with the cures for the world’s diseases and we do not have to resort to products containing synthetic chemicals, most of which have side effects.
Eco Trading Co.’s products, aside from providing permanent relief from skin problems, also promote environmental health and protection. This is because Eco Trading Co. believes that the wellness industry has to go hand in hand with nature. Wellness should be achieved without any cost to the earth. Therefore, the company uses green packaging and uses only materials provided by nature.
The argan oil products provided by Eco Trading Co. contain fresh, raw and 100% natural ingredient. In fact, this is one reason why the company’s argan oil products are less costly than other products that claim to also contain the oil. The other products are more expensive because they contain other ingredients and have gone through additional processing. Eco Trading Co. promotes only the remarkable effects of argan oil and so its products contain only this ingredient, thus the lesser price.
The company also advances productivity in local communities that provide the oil. By going natural, the company supplies healthy products and at the same time, supports women’s cooperative and thus provide livelihood to a larger number of people.
By going for Eco Trading Co.’s products, you will be assured of totally organic merchandise that can relieve you of your skin diseases or just simply to beautify your skin. Furthermore, you will be assured of “green” materials that are used because they help preserve the environment. So, purchase an Eco Trading Co.’s product today and realize your dream of a completely nourished, clear and healthy skin.


Anonymous said...

While I'm sure Argan Oil Is good for many things, It did absolutely NOTHING for my eczema. The eczema
on my leg was severe & Argan Oil does nothing to stop the Itching to allow It to heal. I had to use Elocon Ointment & that jhealed my eczema within 2 weeks. :)

Anonymous said...

agree nothing happened . i ingest and rub it .... and nothing ... now i use it for the hair and it is awsome as mousse subtitute but it washes off... but not for the ezcema... nothing.

Anonymous said...

Till the date of this comment, I've yet to came across any established scientific studies / clinical trials conducted on the effectiveness of Argan Oil in curing eczema.

There are quite a high number of negative reviews with Argan Oil on eczema when you Google the topic. The rest of the websites that praise Argan Oil in 'curing' eczema are actually retailers selling Argan oil products.

So as with this blog; more of like an advertising rather than an eczema sufferer being cured. It's getting harder to believe in bloggers; they'll give good reviews with products sent to them free of charged, and maybe for an extended period of time. It's unethical.

meez said...

Have any of you tried the Queen Bee Botanicals products? I have eczema pretty bad and this stuff works for me. It's not specifically designed for eczema but it does work to for me whenever I get a flare up. I think it's the beeswax that really helps, but it does have Argan oil in it as well.

argan amazigh said...

Have you tried the brand of Argan Amazigh Oil?
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Anonymous said...

In my experience, the argan oïl alone does nothing, but in a lotion, it works and works well and FAST to get rid of eczema.

Anonymous said...

Anything that comes from nature is good. we must understand though that not because something worked for A will surely work for B. We all have different skin types. We just need to discover which one will work for us. I had been in search for years to find something for my daughter's severe oozing eczema. She was on steroidal medications both topical and intake for a year. God's grace no more bec after years of trial and error finally trying the coconut oil was a success. now the oozing eczema is completely gone and her skin went back to normal and the best thing is she can eat whatever she wants to eat. I thank God for nature.

Anonymous said...

agree nothing happened . i ingest and rub it .... and nothing ... now i use it for the hair and it is awsome as mousse subtitute but it washes off... but not for the ezcema... nothing the treatmenta ..

Anonymous said...

I first bought pure Argan oil in Morocco 15 years ago and have never looked back. I have a very itchy skin condition called LICHEN PLANUS, it bleeds and weeps. I was in a market in Morocco when the guide taking our party round saw me scratching my skin, she took me to buy a bottle of Berber pure virgin Argan oil it cost me £7 and lasted years. All I can say is God bless that lady. it is so soothing and the only thing that keeps the Lichen Planus at bay. I have searched on line for the oil as it is stocked by the Argan oil company, but can't seem to find the site anymore. You need to watch out for fakes, but I know the one I bought is the true stuff. I no longer need steroid cream as the oil is so good.

Brooke Bowen said...

I just recently found out I have eczema. I've never had great skin, but now I finally know why and how it's caused. It's so good to know there is hope! Thanks for the information!

Anonymous said...

In my experience, the argan oïl alone does nothing, but in a lotion, it works and works well and FAST to get rid of eczema.

Anonymous said...

Argan oil worsened my right-hand eczema. Also made the skin-flaps on my neck red and MORE ITCHY.

Laura Davis said...

When I read this story I realized just how similar it was to my eczema.
I was so desperate that I tried every thick, smelly cream and goopy ointment I could get my hands on. Nothing really worked permanently and the eczema always came back.
I knew that there had to be another way. I searched long and hard and finally came across some simple natural remedies that finally made my embarrassing eczema disappear for the amazement of my doctor.

In fact, you might want to check out this article, it really helped me a lot:

Hope it helps anyone reading this!

Steve Austin said...

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